Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm a winner!

The luck of the Irish must be with me lately!

I've been having some good luck lately as far as giveways go. I've won 2 prizes from blogs and one from a bridal show! I enter tons all the time and I'm hoping that this good luck streak will land me with a prize for something for the wedding! Fingers crossed!

The first prize, from the bridal show, was courtesy of Pampered Chef. It is a great batter bowl with a lid. This will really help me out in my cooking endevors in the kitchen, including the possible attempts at wedding cake....?
Here's a picture of it, the "Classic Batter Bowl". Thanks again Pampered Chef! I'll definitely be looking into registering with you for the wedding!

Next, I got word that I won a giveaway from Wedding Chicks, another on the great wedding blogs that I read frequently. The prize was a 10 oz. bar of Cor complexion soap. If you know me, you'll know that I've been struggling with my skin for a long long time, and even under the care of a dermatologist I haven't made much headway. So I'm going to give this soap a try and hopefully it will do me some good! I'll let you know after I've used it long enough to make a determination. Either way, it would be one more thing to try, so thanks Wedding Chicks!

Then, after all this good news, I got another notice that I was a winner! This time it was from With This Ring, yet another GREAT wedding blog that I check out pretty much daily to help me get ideas. This was for a sound track for the movie "She's Just Not That into You". I liked the sound of it online, it made me think of the driving down the highway. I haven't received the CD yet, but I heard from the people the other day. They said that they were sending it out shortly and asked for my shirt size too! So thanks to you too, With This Ring!

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