Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Morning Elegance.

Wow! Posting three days in a row is an unheard of record for me... mostly because I am NOT studying for my upcoming teaching certification test- oops.

Now a days, I have quite a commute to school which means a really early wake up and trust me, there is no elegance in it. Just a lot of stumbling and groaning.

I found this beautiful song/music video called "Her Morning Elegance" on Black*Eiffel, which is another lovely little blog on my long list of daily reads. I think the song is beautiful and catchy and the video is so clever!

I really wonder what I would look like if I was videoed in my sleep. I'm sure it would be an interesting experience!

*I couldn't figure out how to embed the video, so here instead is a picture of the morning elegance that Mike captured coming over the mountains at Alta. :)


  1. Hi and thanks for stopping by the Bodhi Chicklet. If you read my entry for yesterday, you will see what I think about teachers. You seem to live in quite a beautiful area of the US. Even with all that snow! (I don't feel too friendly toward snow at this time of year!)

  2. Hi JD,
    I love your engagement story...it is so sweet. Hip Hostess would like to take on your updating a wedding dress request. We work with Madame Paulette in NYC who is one of the foremost wedding dress alteration experts. We were wondering if you would consider giving us a few photos and we could make the post about your specific dress?