Thursday, February 7, 2008

That's not white paint... its me!

I got a sunburn today. Not a bad one, just enough to make it look like I'm wearing blush when I'm not. It actually looks somewhat nice, but I know it's not good for my skin. Still, I typically don't expect to get any color in February!
I realize that I have fair skin. When I was in high school someone with all seriousness asked me if I had spilled some white paint on my blue track leggings. It turned out to be a few holes in the leggings revealing my skin... Okay, maybe I'm also on a medication that makes me a little more sensitive to light and maybe I didn't put my sunscreen on after I washed my face this morning, but considering the circumstances I didn't think I had to. Its February, its cold and has been mostly blah outside. I'm also cold all the time (which my 6 year old sister constantly reminds me of) and therefore, try to cover as much skin and possible to conserve precious heat. The sunburn occurred after a 30 minute drive to school, and although there was a nice bit of sun, the windows were all shut and I even had the little sun flap thing (what is that called anyway?) down!
So, today's unraveling of me? My face is daydreaming of summer time.

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